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Episode 12 - Sales, Sales & More Sales

Episode 12 - Sales, Sales & More Sales

January 14, 2020

 Show Notes

News Items (0:15)

  • Balter Sale Discussion
    • Investors, Independence, Hottest 100, CUB Portfolio
  • Ballast Point Sale to Kings & Convicts
  • Little World Beverages Buy New Belgium
  • Anderson Valley Becomes Craftier?

The Year of Local (18:20)

  • 3 Breweries To Visit (At time of recording)
    • Contract Breweries All Completed
    • I did manage to finish despite Alchemy opening!
  • Geelong & Surrounds Overview
  • The Worst Brewery of the Year?
  • Thunder Road & Temple
  • Yarra Valley

Ranking of Lagers (36:20)

  • This week we had to slot in Cantina (El Salvador), Singha (Thailand) & Birra Moretti (Italy)
  • The New Rankings are as follows:
  1. Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic)
  2. Tennent's (Scotland)
  3. Carlsberg (Denmark)
  4. Quilmes (Argentina)
  5. Kingfisher (India)
  6. Gullmack (Norway)
  7. Sapporo (Japan)
  8. Birra Moretti (Italy)
  9. Corona (Mexico)
  10. Heineken (Netherlands)
  11. San Miguel (Philippines)
  12. Cantina (El Salvador)
  13. Tusker (Kenya)
  14. Tiger (Singapore)
  15. Singha (Thailand)
  16. Red Stripe (Jamaica)
  17. Vonu (Fiji)
  18. Cusquena (Peru)

There we have it for another episode of the Beer O'Clock Australia Podcast. As usual you can hit me up at or at our new Facebook page, if you have any questions or feedback. We're hoping to get a couple of special episodes out to you in the next few months, so stay tuned on the podcast feed for those. In the mean time I'm going to keep plugging away on The Year of Local posts, if there are any breweries you'd like to see prioritised let me know & I'll see what I can do!

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

Episode 11 - From Rutherglen to Hawaii

Episode 11 - From Rutherglen to Hawaii

November 13, 2019

Show Notes


News Items (1:16)

  • Green Beacon sell to Asahi
  • Independent Brands Australia become an ABAC Signatory
  • Beer Cartel Survey results
  • Phil Sexton returns to Matilda Bay - new brewery to open in Healesville
  • Lion to launch a Hard Seltzer
  • Aether Brewery founders to split
  • The Tasting Paddle - Quick News Segment
    • MoonDog World
    • Sailors Grave @ Mikkeller Beer Celebration Tokyo
    • Tinnies win World Beer Awards Medal
    • Pirate Life Perth Brewpub
    • Liberty Brewing Cleanup at NZ Beer Awards

Ranking of Lagers (20:47)

  • This week we had to slot in San Miguel (Philippines), Quilmes (Argentina) & Red Stripe (Jamaica)
  • The New Rankings are as follows:
  1. Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic)
  2. Tennent's (Scotland)
  3. Carlsberg (Denmark)
  4. Quilmes (Argentina)
  5. Kingfisher (India)
  6. Gullmack (Norway)
  7. Sapporo (Japan)
  8. Corona (Mexico)
  9. Heineken (Netherlands)
  10. San Miguel (Philippines)
  11. Tusker (Kenya)
  12. Tiger (Singapore)
  13. Red Stripe (Jamaica)
  14. Vonu (Fiji)
  15. Cusquena (Peru)

What We're Drinking (33:56)

  • Hawaii Trip
    • Maui, Honolulu Beerworks, Waikiki, Lanikai, Inu Island
    • Village Bottle Shop
  • High Country
    • Byramine Homestead, Buffalo, Rutherglen, Billson's, Bridge Road, Bright, Malt Shed

Noz's Cellar (54:13)

  • Maui Black Pearl (2019)
    • Rum, Bourbon & Brandy Barrel Aged with Coconut
    • Imperial Porter
    • 12% ABV
    • Cellared since August 2019
    • Thumbs Up

There we have it for another episode of the Beer O'Clock Australia Podcast. As usual you can hit me up at or at our new Facebook page, if you have any questions or feedback. We deliberately kept this episode relatively free of Year of the Local stuff as we've got a special episode that is recorded but yet to be released, so keep us in your podcast feed for that! Until next time...


Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

Episode 10

Episode 10

August 30, 2019

 Show Notes


News Items (0:30)

  • CUB sold to Asahi - $16bn
  • Little Creatures Geelong Expansion
  • ABAC Jedi Juice Ruling
  • Royal Adelaide Beer & Cider Award Results
  • Stomping Ground 3! Opening a Brewery at Melbourne Airport
  • Capital Brewing Opening a Bar at Canberra Airport
  • Zwanze Day Locations Announced
  • Jedi%2BJuice.jpeg

Alcohol Free Beers (18:35)

  • Heineken 0, Hollandia 0.0, Weihenstephaner Alkoholfrei Hefeweizen, Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol Free, Carlton Zero, Erdinger Alkoholfrei 

Scouting Report (34:05)

  • Grand Ridge, Bullant, Two Rupees, Urban Alley

Desert Island 6-pack (44:50)

  • Australian NEIPA's
  • There were no crossovers this month!
  • Dylan's 6 individuals;
      • CoConspirators The Matriarch, Brendale Industrial Haze, Feral Biggie Juice, Sauce Pazy Hale,  Mash Little NEIPA, Mornington Squid Rising
  • Noz's 6 individuals;
      • CoConspirators The Distributor, Hop Nation Jedi Juice, 3 Ravens/Hop Nation Juicy Jedi, 3 Ravens Galaxy Juicy, Fixation The 86, Mr Banks The Drop #1
  • Honourable Mentions
    • 3 Ravens Juicy, The Mill I Can't Believe It's Not Juice, Westside Weekend Juicy, Bojak Calypso, Modus Operandi Gadzooks, Bonehead Phaze Out Phaze In, Beer Farm Boonta, Beer Land New England Pale Ale. 

The next episode is being recorded any day now, so we should have another episode up for you very soon. We've been asked to change the way we name our episodes, as Apple don't want 100's of shows titled "Episode X", so if you have any thoughts on how we should name them going forward we'd love to hear from you. If you've got anything you'd like us to discuss or if you just have some feedback or questions please email Until next time..


Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

Episode 9

Episode 9

July 17, 2019

Show Notes

News Items (00:30)

  • Westvleteren begin selling beer online
  • Omnipolloscope waxed can
  • Perth Royal Beer Awards - notable results
  • Southern Bay social media issues
  • Ballast Point barrel program being scaled back
  • Stomping Ground Moorabbin to open

Scouting Report (12:45)

  • The Year of Local wrap up
    • 115 Grill & Brewhouse - not open for lunch on weekends...
    • Moon Dog, Fixation, Molly Rose, Bonehead, Henry St, Flying Horse, Sow & Piglets, Salt, Clifton Hill

Ranking of Lagers (25:50)

  • This week we had to slot in Corona (Mexico), Tiger (Singapore) & Tusker (Kenya).
  • The New Rankings are as follows:
    1. Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic)
    2. Tennent's (Scotland)
    3. Carlsberg (Denmark)
    4. Kingfisher (India)
    5. Gullmack (Norway)
    6. Sapporo (Japan)
    7. Corona (Mexico)
    8. Heineken (Netherlands)
    9. Tusker (Kenya)
    10. Tiger (Singapore)
    11. Vonu (Fiji)
    12. Cusquena (Peru)

Desert Island 6-pack (36:42)

  • Imperial Stouts (Russian, American, Milk etc.)
  • The cross overs this month were:
    •  Victory Art Brew Ivan, 
  • Dylan's 5 individuals;
      • Founders Imperial Stout, Founders CBS, Boatrocker Ramjet, To Øl Liquid Confidence, Evil Twin Even More Coco Jesus
  • Noz's 5 individuals;
      • Hoppin' Frog B.O.R.I.S The Crusher, Founders KBS, Firestone Walker Parabola, De Struise Black Albert, Evil Twin Even More Jesus
  • Honourable Mentions
    • To Øl Pineapple Express, Dieu du Ciel Peche Mortel

Noz's Cellar (47:36)

  • De Cam Nectarine Lambiek
    • 40kg of Nectarines per 100L
    • Nectarines vs Peaches? 
    • 6.0% ABV
    • Cellared since May 2019
    • Thumbs Up

Thanks again for listening guys, hope you enjoyed the latest episode. As usual you can get in touch with us by emailing; or Beeroclockau on social media. We managed to keep this episode under an hour, let us know if there's a particular length you like - the more rambly ones or the shorter, sharper ones like this episode. There will be plenty of The Year of Local posts popping up over the next few weeks as we try and make up some ground on a task that seems to get bigger by the week!

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

Episode 8

Episode 8

June 14, 2019

 Show Notes


News Items (0:45)

  • Dogfish Head & Boston Beer Co Merger
  • Untappd Festival
  • Quiet Deeds Transparency 
  • Rochefort Abbey - Lhoist Berghman dispute
  • BrewDog Update
    • Marketing job interview issues
    • Brisbane brewery
  • Independent Brewery Association Seal - 12 months since launch
  • Coopers launch an XPA
  • AIBA Results
  • Sierra Nevada Resilience Project - Less than 50% of donations received 

Good Beer Week 6-Pack (32:54)

  • Crossovers;
    • The Winston Black Rye IPA, 
  • Dylan's 5 individuals;
    • Molly Rose Insuperable, 8 Wired Lokomotiv Merlot, Burnt Mill Heliacal Rising, Cantillon Kriek, Eden Prickly Pear Sour
  • Noz's 5 individuals;
    • Offshoot Grip It,  Bridge Road x Mikkeller Dark Harvest, Amundsen Marshmallow Psycho Bourbon BA, Holgate Beelzebub's Jewel (2016), Westmalle Tripel  
  • Honourable Mentions
    • Bonehead Phaze Out/In, Feral Watermelon Warhead

The Ranking of Lagers (58:29)

  • This week we had to slot in Kingfisher (India), Cusquena (Peru) & Sapporo (Japan).
  • The New Rankings are as follows:
  1. Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic)
  2. Tennent's (Scotland)
  3. Carlsberg (Denmark)
  4. Kingfisher (India)
  5. Gullmack (Norway)
  6. Sapporo (Japan)
  7. Heineken (Netherlands)
  8. Vonu (Fiji)
  9. Cusquena (Peru) 

Noz's Cellar (1:11:22)

  • Stumblefoot Questhaven 
    • Barrel Aged Sour Ale with Apricots & Peaches
    • 8.5% ABV
    • Cellared since January 2015
    • Thumbs Up

There we have it guys, hope you enjoyed the latest episode of the Beer O'Clock Australia podcast. As usual we'd love to hear from you if there are any questions or things you want us to talk about. You can send your questions through to or you can hit us up on Instagram, which we're less active on than we probably should be. 


Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

Episode 7

Episode 7

May 24, 2019

 Show Notes


News Items (1:00)

  • Coopers win Maltser of the Year @ Global Brewing & Supply Awards
  • First GABS Brisbane
  • Gage Road's Atomic Project finally launching at GABS Brisbane
  • BrewDog's Brisbane brewery scaled back
  • Gage Road raised $6m for a new canning line
  • Malt Shed & Malt Shovel settle their IP dispute
  • Bucket Boys Crowd Funding
  • Boatrocker turns 10, Exit turns 5


What We're Drinking (11:55)

  • Other Half & Cloudwater Tap Takeover @ Mr West
  • Dylan's Singapore Trip
    • Level 33 - Worlds Highest Microbrewery
  • Blackman's Same Day IPA

The Ranking of Lagers (18:25)

  • Brand new segment - basically trying to rank the worlds macro lagers
  • We started off with 6 - but future segments will be limited to 3
  • Current rankings:
  1. Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic)
  2. Tennent's (Scotland)
  3. Carlsberg (Denmark)
  4. Gullmack (Norway)
  5. Heineken (Netherlands)
  6. Vonu (Fiji)

Scouting Report (48:32)

  • Brewery Visits
    • Jetty Road, Mr Banks, Hack, That Little Brewery, Beach Hut, Bojak, Brownstone, Dainton
  • Year of Local Update 

Noz's Cellar (1:03:58)

  • Goose Island Gillian
    • A saison based beer with white pepper, strawberry & honey
    • Cellared since June/July 2017
    • Thumbs up

It's a bit of a longer episode this month as we launched a new segment. Hopefully you guys like the podcast. Now that I'm finally recovered from Good Beer Week I'm hoping to punch out a heap of Year of Local posts, but we'll see how we go. The next podcast will be being recorded in the not too distant future so keep an eye out in a few weeks. Until next time.

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

Episode 6

Episode 6

March 5, 2019

This month we had a heap of news to discuss, given how long we'd been away this was hardly surprising. There is also a a good discussion of our trip to Brunswick to visit Foreigner & Inner North. We chat about Dylan's recent trip to South Korea & about some of the local beers that we've been enjoying recently. Our 6-pack this month is Goses, which turned out to all be fruited, and we finished off with an unusual style; a Yam Beer! 


Show Notes

News Items (1:20)

  • Balter release Hazy IPA - social media hype
  • Modus Operandi smaller cans 
  • Pirate Life x Limeburner Whisky Collaboration
  • Hottest 100 - Wrap Up - Local Community Breweries
  • New Zealand Hottest 100 Results
  • Broo ASX discrepancies
  • Ogdens Brewery - Opening in a heritage hotel in Perth
  • Bridgeport Brewing to close
  • Endeavour Brewing crowdfunding
  • Hahn Ultra Crisp - gluten free - including tasting notes
  • IRI Marketedge Growth Report 
  • House of Malt - boutique malthouse
  • Ellerslie Hop Australia - re-opened after fire

Scouting Report (29:00)

  • The Foreigner Brewing Co & Inner North Brewing

    • Polarizing experiences

What We're Drinking (34:55)

  • Dylan's South Korea Trip

    • Craft Beer Bars in Seoul
    • Quite cheap
  • Garage Project Golden Spiral
  • Mr Banks I Like to Break a Mental Sweat Too
  • The Year of Local Update

What We're Brewing (49:28)

  • Our Mango Gose

    • Needed re-fruiting & time
    • Almost 1g per litre
    • Bottle available - we're interested in some feedback

Desert Island 6-pack (53:28)

  • Goses - fruited, not-fruited, anything goes.
  • The cross overs this month were:
    •  To Øl Santa Goes F&#% It All, Hop Nation The Punch, Garage Project White Mischief  
  • Dylan's 3 individuals;
      • Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose, Red Button POiMA, Omnipollo Bianca Blueberry Lassi Gose,  
  • Noz's 3 individuals;
      • Anderson Valley Briney Melon Gose, Prairie Flare, Magic Rock x Kissmeyer Salty Kiss
  • Honourable Mentions
      • Stomping Ground Watermelon Smash, Doctors Orders Electrolyte, Hop Nation Black Rhino Cherry Lips, Zagovor All Summer in a Day, Deschutes Smoked Gose, Magpie The Ghost

Noz's Cellar (1:08:53)

  • The Bruery Autumn Maple

    • A Belgian Brown Ale brewed with yams, molasses, maple syrup & spices
    • Cellared since ~November 2016
    • Thumbs Up

Hope you all enjoy the podcast! Most of our time this year at Beer O'Clock Australia is going to be taken up by The Year of Local undertaking. Keep your eyes peeled as there are a number of posts waiting to be finalized. We'll be back with a new episode hopefully at the start of April. Until then...

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

Episode 5

Episode 5

January 10, 2019

 Show Notes

News Items (00:20)

  • Trillium HR & Quality Issues
  • Wig & Pen Is Up For Sale
  • Vale Marco Bona - SA Brewers Pull Together
  • Bad Shepherd Victorian Pale Ale - Melbourne Ale Yeast
  • Good Beer Week & Independent Brewers Association Merger
  • Little Creature Open Furphy Hall in Geelong
  • Panhead Opening a Taproom in London
  • Slowbeer Close Richmond Store

Scouting Report (17:50)

  • Beer 360 - Craft Beer Shop at the old Slowbeer Richmond site.
    • 468 Bridge St, Richmond, VIC, 3121

What We're Drinking (22:48)

  • Firestone Walker - Roll Out the Barrels @ Beer Deluxe
  • Mountain Goat Goat Lager
  • Stomping Ground Gipps St Pale Ale

What We're Brewing (34:18)

  • Mango Gose
    • Pilsner Malt, Wheat Extract
    • Lacto Plantarum & Neutral Yeast Co-pitched
    • Dry Hopped at desired pH
    • A full tray of mangoes - approx. 200g/L
  • ESB's (from last episode)
    • Changed tea to Cherries & Raspberries. All variants being bottled.
    • Tasting Notes for the straight ESB.

Desert Island 6-pack (44:03)

  • "Dark-er Lagers"
      • Vienna Lager, Amber Lager, American Red Lager, Euro Dark Lager, Munich Dunkel, Schwarzbier 
  • The cross over this month was:
    •  Burnley Brewing Vienna Lager
  • Dylan's 5 individuals;
      • Monteith's Black Beer, Matilda Bay Dogbolter, Weihenstephaner Tradition, Mornington NZ Black Pilsner, Hawkers/Edge/Kaiju/Evil Twin/Baird Inappropriate Touching
  • Noz's 5 individuals;
      • Staropramen Cerny, Kozel Cerny, U Medvidku Oldgott Barique, Valmiermuiza Tumsais, Barrow Boys Stormy Lager 
  • Honourable Mentions
    • Efes Dark, Toohey's Old, 1516 Bavarian Dunkel, Red Hill The Dark Horse Schwarz, Gauden Schwarzbier, 

Dylan's Cellar (1:15:45)

  • Red Duck Big Licky
    • Released July 2016
    • Their Licky - a licorice flavoured lager - that they've turned into an Imperial Stout.
    • Thumbs Up!

We apologize for the extra long episode this month; Dylan & I may have got a little too into some of these topics. Keep your emails/questions etc. coming in - - we take everything on board and try and make little adjustments where we can to make this show better for you guys. We're recording a new episode any day and will have that to you - along with a whole heap of written content - as soon as we can.

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

Episode 4

Episode 4

November 14, 2018

 Show Notes


News Items (0:30)

  • Boatrocker's New Can Releases
  • Molly Rose's new home in Collingwood
  • Fermentum's new venture: Forest For The Trees
  • Flagged shortfall in Malt
  • Great Barrier Beer 2.0
  • Stomping Ground Movember Donation
  • Garage Project - New Hop Development

Scouting Report (8:36)

  • Brendale Brewing Co.
    • 2/62 Kremzow Rd, Brendale, QLD, 4500

What We're Brewing (11:37)

    • ESB 
    • Maris Otter, Two-Row, Dark Crystal, Light Crystal, Belgian Biscuit Malt
    • 5.3-5.5%
    • EKG, Fuggles
    • Batch split 4 ways; Staight, Barossa Shiraz Oak Chips, Johnnie Walker Double Black Oak Chips, Raspberry & Cherry (replacing the Tea discussed) 
big_461_matilda-bay-41a-01-jpg1.jpgMatilda Bay Redback Original - A Tribute (14:58)
  • Firstly a huge thanks to listener Tim who sent these in for us.
    • Redback is a Kristallweizen that is over 30 years old!
    • This beer should be more widely available & respected.
    • AIBA Grand Champion Beer in 1993.
  • This merged into quite an interesting wider discussion on Matilda Bay and its history/downfall
What We're Drinking (28:34)
  • May Day Hills Tasting
    • Beer Deluxe Event - $30
    • 7 Beers with matching canapes
      • Apple, Yuzu, Sour Amber, Grape, Breakfast, Elderflower, Jam
  • James Squire The Wreck Preservation
    • 200 year old yeast reportedly cultured from a ship wreck
  • Carwyn NYC Cold Freight Showcase
    • Cold Freighted NEIPA Tasting
    • Finback, Interboro, Sand City, LIC Beer Project, Equilibrium
      • Equilibrium Straight Out of the Laboratory
  • Chur/Behemoth Hop Diggity Dog
    • Best New World NEIPA that I've ever had!
    • 100% Citra Hops
  • Pike's Choc Hazelnut Porter

Desert Island 6-pack (45:34)

  • Australian Brewed IPA's.
    • Straight IPA
      • No Red, Black, White, Brown IPA's etc. 
    • 4.0-7.5% ABV
    • No Fruit
  • There were NO cross overs this month!
  • Dylan's individuals;
      • Modus Operandi Sonic Prayer, Mornington Peninsula IPA, Pirate Life IPA, Mountain Goat The Zymurgist, Bruny Island Cloudy Bay IPA, Kaiju Robohop    
  • Noz's individuals;
      • Fixation IPA, Hawkers West Coast IPA, Feral War Hog, Pirate Life Mosaic IPA, Moon Dog Sun Cat, BrewBoys Hoppapotamus  
  • Honourable Mentions
      • Noisy Minor ANZUS, Feral Hop Hog, Green Beacon Scrimshaw, Hop Nation The Chop, Big Shed Fresh Hop Californicator, Fixation Obsession, Brewcult Thanks Captain Obvious

Noz's Cellar (1:08:23)

  • Rulles La Grande 10 (2013)
    • Their 10th Anniversary beer, which has been rebrewed multiple times
    • Belgian Strong Golden Ale - 10%
    • Bought in Belgium and lovingly cellared since 2015. 

So there we have it guys, we may have gone a little over time but (I think at least) it was was areally good episode. As usual flick any questions, comments, suggestions etc. through to and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. In the meantime there will be a few new posts up on the blog in the coming days so stay tuned!


Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

Episode 3

Episode 3

October 25, 2018

Show Notes

News Items

  • New Zealand Brewers Guild Awards - A Downturn in Results
  • The Downfall of Australian Wheat Beer - An Equipment Issue?
  • The Black Hops "Incident"
  • Willie Smith wins Awards
  • Rocks Brewery has bought & re-branded

IMG_4789.jpegScouting Report

  • The Incubator - Fixation's Collingwood Taproom
    • 414 Smith St, Collingwood, VIC, 3066

What We're Drinking

  • Cantillon Zwanze Day
    • Carwyn Cellars
    • Manneken Pisse + (6 Cantillon regulars) 
    • 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze Cuvée Armand & Gaston
  • Noz's Vietnam Trip
    • South East Asian Macro Lager
    • More Craft Beers than expected

Feral Hop Hog - A Tribute

  • 10 Years of Hop Hog
    • A really important beer in the history of Australian beer.
    • "An Australian Sculpin" - Dylan Toune

Desert Island 6-pack

  • Saison - The rider this month was that almost anything funky counts - we only ruled out the La Sirene Farmhouse Red.
  • The cross overs this month were:
    •  Saison Du Pont
    •  Hill Farmstead Arthur (despite Noz saying Anna - he meant Arthur!)
    •  Exit Saison
  • Dylan's X individuals;
      • La Sirene Saison, To Øl Sur Germs Are Coming Eating Our Pomegranate And Redcurrant!, Brasserie de Blaugies/Hill Farmstead Le Vermontoise, 
  • Noz's X individuals;
      • La Sirene Super Saison, To Øl Roses Are Brett, Almanac Saison de Brettaville
  • Honourable Mentions
    • Boatrocker Gaston, Bridge Road Chevalier, Moon Dog Saison Du Punt, Almanac Mandarina, Goose Island Sofie, Brew by Numbers 18|05, Crooked Stave Colorado Wild Sage, Hawkers Saison, Boatrocker Saison, Stomping Ground BA Saison, Brasserie Thiriez La Petite Princess, Trois Dames La Joyeuse

Noz's Cellar

  • Stone Old Guardian (2012)

There we have it guys, hope you enjoy Episode 3 of the Beer O'Clock Australia podcast. As usual send any questions, feedback or comments to We took on board the couple of emails we received last time around and thank you guys for taking the time to give us some feedback. Please let us know if you think we've improved in this episode. The next episode will hopefully be up in mid-November. With any luck I'll have a few more posts up before then! In the meantime...

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!